Text 25 Jan 3 notes Song Pack: OK GO & v1.4 update

It’s been a while since the last song pack release, but we finally have a new one ready for consumption! Adding some more variety to the available songs, we bring OK Go on board, creating four levels that (in our opinion) do their creative and unique music justice.

  1. OK Go - All Is Not Lost
  2. OK Go - End Love
  3. OK Go - This Too Shall Pass
  4. OK Go - WTF

osu!stream - OK Go (xfade demo) by ppy

The new v1.4 update – now available on the app store – brings some further fixes to iPhone 5 widescreen support, fixes iPad rotation issues, tweaks some interface behaviour (including allowing higher resolution gameplay background art) and adds the ability to adjust the game’s offset, for those who felt their timing was always early or late by a certain amount.

More on the way, hopefully a bit speedier than recently :).

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